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Developing Your Own Firefights/Scenarios in Conflict of Heroes

This is an introductory guide to Scenario and Map Creation for Conflict of Heroes.

The latest documentation on scenario and map editing can always be found at

Conflict of Heroes is designed to allow map and scenario creation. The only limitation is that you can only use the units that are included in the game (and any future expansions).

Getting Started: The Game Editor

When you launch Conflict of Heroes in Editor mode, the editor choice on the main menu becomes available. If you do not see it, you are not in Editor mode. Please note that Editor mode is not intended for any kind of play, only for testing scenarios. Make sure you are not in Editor mode if you just want to play.

The game editor screen.

Map and Scenario Creation

Map Creation

You should begin by creating a map:

Creating a Map

Scenario Creation

Once you've created the map, you can move on to creating the scenario itself.

Creating a Scenario

Step-by-Step Example

Coming soon.