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Western Civilization Software Credits

Eric Babe
Producer / Programmer

Mike Zeddies
Production Assistant

Matteo Mannino

Jason Barish
Art Director

Gil Renberg
Public Relations

Patrick Ward
Scenery Art

Peter Rovaniemi
Unit Art

Jarek Nocoń
Portrait Art

Roxbury Studios
Screen Art

Jeff Remillard
WPF Consultation

Russian Voice Actors
Ilya Novoselov
Jon Barkan

German Voice Actors
Christof Othmer
Daniel Atoche
George Hinman
Kai Blum

Quality Assurance
Carl Babe
Duncan Babe
Gregory Babe
Parker Donaldson
Jason Eckhardt
Gary Krockover
Ron Lorence
Harry J. Miktarian
Brian Patrick Sherry
Robert Peterson
James Palmer

Matrix Games / Slitherine Credits:

Erik Rutins, JD McNeil, Iain McNeil

Design Advisor
Uwe Eickert - Academy Games

Box and Logo Design
Marc von Martial

Manual Editing and Content
Erik Rutins

Manual Design and Layout
Marc von Martial

Multiplayer Lobby System
Phil Veale, Andrea Nicola

Graphic Artists
Marc von Martial

Public Relations & Marketing
Marco Minoli, Scott Parrino

Production Assistant
Andrew Loveridge

David Heath

Liz Stoltz

Dealer Relations
Karlis Rutins

Customer Support Staff
Christian Bassani, Andrew Loveridge, Erik Rutins, Iain McNeil

Forum Administration
Erik Rutins, Iain McNeil, Andrew Loveridge

Web-Database Design & Development
Alex Fiedler, Patty Rutins, Andrea Nicola

Network and System Administrator
Alex Fiedler, Erik Rutins, Andrea Nicola

Quality Assurance Lead
Erik Rutins

Testing Team
Angelo “balena” Ricci, Billy Riley, Brian Patrick Sherry, Gary Krockover, “Grim.Reaper”, Harry J. Miktarian, “Ivanmoe”, James Palmer, Jason Eckhardt, Jesse LeBreton, Lenart Olsson, Michael “k9mike” Liljequist, Michael Motzkus, “Missouri_Rebel”, Parker Donaldson, Paul Roberts, Randy Bailey, “Rgb07460”, Robert Peterson, Simon Prior, “Sulla”, Grady Brecheisen

Matrix NexGen
Alexander Rutins, Andrew Heath, Nicholas Heath, Shane Heath, Austin Stoltz, Noah Stoltz, Jesse Stoltz, Heidi Fiedler, Blake Fiedler, Harold Dupree

Our Strength
We thank God for giving us the ability and strength to complete this project and follow our dream. We would also like to thank our families and friends for giving us their non-stop love and support during this project.

Special Thanks
To Uwe Eickert and Academy Games for creating the outstanding Conflict of Heroes board game, which is the source and inspiration for this official licensed computer version of Conflict of Heroes. Thank you to Uwe for all of his assistance, guidance and advice during the process of adapting Conflict of Heroes to the computer.